Relocation services

Immigration & Visa Services

All foreigners in Germany need to possess a valid residency permit. Such permit can include further rights such as right to work, right to search for a job or simply reside in Germany.

Gateway Germany leads you through the immigration process in obtaining a permit of your choice. We not only liaise between you and public officers but also list for you all necessary steps, documents and other paperwork and assist you in obtaining those and personally aid you during the interview at the local Immigration Office. Hence we helps you move through this visa process smoothly.

Budget Accommodation

Once you land in Germany, the very next challenge that comes to mind is your accommodation. Gateway Germany helps you overcome this challenge by simply eliminating the roots from the core. We give you peace of mind by providing you accommodation at our self owned shared apartments, in centre of the city, which have been personalized to meet the needs of newcomers. You can stay with us in our shared apartments for as long as you want at an affordable rate that is below market price hence avoiding all the fuss that exists as an integral part of finding an accommodation upon arrival.

Apartment Finder

Finding a new home in a foreign country can prove difficult and time absorbing, however at Gateway Germany we assure it will be the easiest decision you make. Whether you want your new home to be a high-up apartment in the city centre or a suburban abode near a German chateau, you will wish you only came earlier!

The initial stage of the process begins with identifying and evaluating your needs which is the foundation in building the steps further. Need assessment is usually done by our support team that equally evaluates all the requirements given by our clients within the budget frame. To meet the shortage of apartments due to influx of people arriving, we have our own network of realtors that help us in finding the best suitable option in shortest time span.

Some of our assistance includes:

  • In-depth engagement sessions to record all your requirements
  • Consultation on matters of property and rent
  • All-encompassing systematic channel search
  • Coordinated property comparisons
  • Accompanying clients on property hunts
  • Lease contract assistance
  • Smooth and legal property rights transfer